I'm a computer geek, so I made it my job.

I offer home and small business solutions including repair, new systems and networks, security auditing, software and hardware automation, integrated electronics systems including security cameras and parking sensors, and more.. much more.

Any computer, any problem, seriously.

Mac or PC, desktop or laptop. I love working on them all, including Linux, OpenBSD, and Solaris.

Repairs and Upgrades

Keyboard and Screen replacements, Virus Removal, Data Recovery, Tune-up's, Cleanings, Upgrades, and more.

Business Solutions & more

Servers, Networks, Auditing, Automation, Security Systems, Networked Storage, and more.

Our Mission

Provide high quality services with high tech tools and software.

The flash drive in my pocket has every version of Windows on it, as well as many Linux and DOS tools, enabling me to fix ANY Windows software problem with ease.

Quality Control & Diagnostics

Extensive hardware and software testing is important. It's prevented me from losing customer data, it tells you exactly how healthy you computer is, it guarantee's that you don't replace it too soon, and helps in many ways.

It doesn't stop there

I can design and automate a wide variety of electronics and systems including security and home automation on all kinds. Parking sensors, automatic bike racks, handicap access, and much more.

I was the kid that took things apart to learn how they worked.

Not much has changed besides now I have the tools and knowledge to fix them and put them back together. I started with clocks and worked my way up to servers and large computer systems.

I could actually design and build a computer from scratch, I have a 99% success rate with data recovery, I've been in the newspaper for inventing a device for the hearing impaired, and I simply love electronics and computers.

Featured Project

Arduino Microcontroller Platform

Hardware development platforms are becoming extremely popular. At the top sits Arduino, just browse ebay and see the thousands of devices made for it, all with schematics and pinout's within a google search. I use this platform to create many electronics and systems, including integrated proprietary security systems.

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Laptop Maintenence

19th June | 10:00 - 12:00

How to stay safe while browsing in public, and how to maintain your system with minimal tools. If you travel this is for you.

Broken Screen?

19th June | 10:00 - 12:00

How to know when it's worth it to replace a broken screen.

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